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Be prepared for the weekend of your lifetime.
Thank you for your interest in applying for HackTrain 4.0! We are notorious for our long application forms, but that's only because we can only fill so many people in our trains! There are 5 long answer questions in total which should be fairly straight forward to answer. We look forward to reading your applications!
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If you live near London, we'll send you an invite for our pre-hackathon meetup on the 4th of October! Free pizza and beer provided <3
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Refer a friend - Get 2 for 1 tickets!
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Refer a friend - Get 2 for 1 tickets! 
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We have received your application and will aim to get back to you by the end of next week!
In the meantime, go to our Facebook page to see if we have announced the prizes, challenges, routes, mentors, sponsors, etc.!
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